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Holly Huber

Specialized Neuromodulation Consultant

Soul growth, our consciousness,
our unique "fingerprint" brain;
it's all far from linear. 

Stretch yourself into newness
that has been waiting all along.

Become your own
Consciousness Designer.
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Neuro Analysis

Neuro Optimization



about Holly


Holly is a specialist who has extensive training in neurofeedback, neurostimulation, EEG, and biohacking. During her journey working in various fields of applied neuroscience, she has gained experience in clinical neurotherapies, consciousness optimization, awakened state training, remote neurofeedback work, training neurotechnicians, as well as integrating technology with meditation, breathwork, and coaching. The breadth of knowledge gained from her involvement has allowed her expansive perspective to flourish to an even greater level. Versatility and openness are rare necessities in the field of neurohacking and optimization. Observing her clients over the years has brought Holly to believe that peoplehave a far greater magnitude of capability than they are taught to believe. Her background with clinical clients has become foundational, because when pushing the boundaries of people, it is important to know how to care for people in vulnerable circumstances, know ethical standards, and to be a quality listener. Neurotechnology can now be utilized in person or remotely, and Holly wants clients to use this to their advantage to grow and awaken. She has made herself a consultant so she can have the freedom to create curated, individualized experiences for her clients and have the flexibility to merge with other types of coaches, practitioners, and shamans. 


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Holly Elise Huber

7130 E Saddleback St

Unit 29

Mesa, AZ 85207

Tel: +1 (402) 981-0692

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