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Why I do this Work

The Consciousness Bridge

I'm passionate about unifying neuroresources, biotechnology, and connection because when they fuze together, it creates our bridge back to humanity's collective soul intelligence. My deepest intention is to become a backbone and a bridge for people and groups who train in spirituality, peak performance, and superconscious states.

We all have untapped possibilities, waiting to be cultivated. Witnessing humans surpass their own expectations over and over has been a guiding force in my journey in applied neuroscience. More than anything, I want to show up for you. Clients are elevated past their current threshold with neuromodulation and biofeedback equipment, then given tools that will hold and create ripple effects through their life.

 Curating the instruments and the song you need to thrive in neurotraining requires a neurospecialist to go above and beyond, to listen intently, and to move with the current that is your life. Neurofeedback opens clients to rare, phenomenal, and close experiences that derive from somewhere within themselves. This work comes from my heart, and client experiences are met with the utmost care and consideration. My background has led me to a point where I can appropriate tools that will support powerful results, as well as choose the best ethical path that will allow clients to flourish.

The Specialization

My specialization has flourished from my breadth of experience and perspectives.

For years I have developed expertise in clinical neurostimulation, training clients and myself in altered and peak states of consciousness, as well as making training accessible through remote neurofeedback work.

Now, I commit my focus toward attuning to clients' unique characteristics and gifts, connections and spirit of humanity, as well as bridging their personal path to the path of greater collective healing. Immersing clients into the essence of their own being is where I thrive. It is also important to me to be available to teach newcomers in the field about the ethics and care required for neurofeedback practice and consciousness training.



Open the realms of possibility for optimization clientele by utilizing neuroanalysis, neurofeedback, neurostimulation, and other biotechnology. 

Merge with other programs to give their endeavors a greater impact (such as analysis, integrative tools, or bolstering consciousness states) by providing neruomodulation resources.

Train technicians in the art of care to secure the utmost possibilities for neuroclientele. 


Bridge neuro-optimization with collective soul intelligence. 

Ignite remembering of our connection to each other and the world, instilling meaningfulness and cultivating the spirit that exists in everything.

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