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Bridging your Brain Map to integrative approaches in life is an important piece of the puzzle when making the most of NeuroAnalysis. What good is information if you do not have an opportunity to utilize it to your advantage? There are many ways it can be applied. The most direct approach is through our own personally tailored NeuroOptimization and Consciousness Designer Program that utilizes neuromodulation, neurofeedback, and biofeedback tools that specifically use the qEEG and Brain Map for protocols. 

The information from the NeuroAnalysis can also provide a focal point while you are working with a coach, retreat center, shaman, etc. Bridging is an incredible opportunity for further integration. This would be made possible by either drafting a report and even connecting with whomever you are working with. These modalities can be intermeshed, and is actually preferred in the integration journey. Neuromodulation, neurofeedback, and biofeedback have been well-researched in their aid of learning and healing behavior.

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