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Consciousness Designer 

Expanding and refining your consciousness, intelligence, and perception, at it's foundation, absolutely needs a tailored, individualized approach. Every path in life is tread uniquely, and working with your brain and consciousness should be treated as similar. Your NeuroOptimization roadmap is based upon your lifepath, brain map, and our consultation together. This is a new journey of consciousness neurohacking that interweaves neurofeedback, neurostimulation, consciousness state training, holistic advice, Qi Gong, subconscious integration, biofeedback, and more.

The goal of NeuroOptimization is to immerse you. Cultivating the power to ignite and build yourself in an expansive, effective way requires you to show up for yourself, as well as intertwining your growth into your life. Part of what makes this hybridized path unique is that we prefer to merge with other sources of wisdom. Gathering and bridging with other coaches, mentors, and shamans to intermesh with the neurotechnical integration process guides the human body to be infused with the characteristics that fill us to become a person. When our client's consciousness is given new avenues, as well as new ways to journey and connect, we hope they will find that being a person is very divine and powerful.

Soul growth, our consciousness, our unique "fingerprint" brain; its all far from linear. This is an opportunity to stretch ourselves into the dimensions of soul growth that have been waiting all along. 

We get to be Consciousness Designers.

How we take you on the journey

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