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Holly Huber

Specialized Neuromodulation Consultant

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about Holly

Holly's specialization has flourished from her breadth of experience working with various niches of neurofeedback and neuromodulation. For years she has developed expertise in mental health and clinical neurostimulation, training clients and herself in altered and peak states of consciousness, as well as making neurotraining accessible through remote neurofeedback work. Clients and colleagues usually describe her as caring, passionate, hardworking, mindful, spiritual and wholesome. Through her life's lens of witnessing humans find themselves again, Holly sees neurotraining as a foundational way to create the soul healing. She hopes that this foundation and the profound strength of the heart can bridge a client's path into the greater collective healing.

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Holly Elise Huber

7130 E Saddleback St

Unit 29

Mesa, AZ 85207

Tel: +1 (402) 981-0692

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