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Curriculum vitae



Abbey Neuropsychology Clinic

May 2021 - January 2022

Dr. Richard Abbey PhD (Owner & Clinical Neuropsychologist)

  • Remotely trained clients using 19-channel EEG neurofeedback & HeartMath biofeedback

  • Refined skill-set in editing raw EEG

  • Learned the coordination, dedication & care required to be a large, remote, successful neuropsychology team

40 Years of Zen

February 2019 - April 2021

Dr. Drew Pierson, L.Ac., DAOM (Founder & Head of Neuroscience)

  • Observed & studied the real-time data of various consciousness states on a daily basis

  • Translated the analysis of client data so clients could recognize states more easily, build upon themselves & integrate the process into their daily lives

  • Discovered ways to expand the realms of possibility utilizing neurotechnology, specific emotional skill-building, & more

  • Exceeded previous boundaries of clinical perspective by working with peak performance individuals

  • Integrated Qi Gong breathwork, biofeedback, & heart-focused lecture into the program

Neurotherapy Center of Nebraska (NCN)

June 2015 - December 2018

Erica Kube MS, LIMHP, LMHP, CPC, BCN (Owner & Neurotherapist)

  • Curated and conducted thousands of neurofeedback and neurostimulation sessions with a wide variety of clients

  • Assisted in translation of EEG between practitioner & clients

  • Learned the foundational ethics of caring for vulnerable populations

  • Spearheaded the clinic's utilization of breathing techniques and HeartMath biofeedback training


Bachelors of Science in Sociology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha

Graduated December 2015

  • Began college on scholarship as a dedicated theatre major

  • Studied religion & psychology in her extra coursework

  • Discovered neurofeedback in her second year and switched major to neuroscience

  • Found her neuroscience studied would hold her back from neurofeedback work another few years, so she switched to sociology to graduate quickly

  • Sociology thesis bridged social anxiety testing to meet the sociological perspective

NeuroField Advanced Neurostimulation Training

June 2017 - June 2018 - Summer 2019 - Online Seminars

  • NeuroField is the most advanced & approved neurotherapy/ neurostimulation company in the neurofeedback field

  • Accumulated knowledge focused on utilizing pEMF, tACS, tDCS, tRNS, etc on the brain

  • Found that clinically using these tools properly exceeded healing expectations, timeline, & long-term outcomes

  • Personally experimented frequently & documented results

  • Bolstered healing during intensive trainings & became a useful tool for extreme or hardy clients

BCIA Neurofeedback Technician Didactic Course

Fall 2020

  • Weeklong course teaching the history, ethics, and application of technical neurofeedback work

  • Required for neurofeedback technician certification

  • Adapted understanding of basic neurofeedback equipment by using new hardware and software

  • Learned how most other technicians begin their training and build from it

HeartMath Mentor

Since 2018

  • Utilized mentor training at NCN

  • Combined HeartMath biofeedback with meditation & breathing techniques

  • Aided clients with anxiety, trauma, stress, insomnia, ADHD, ODD, autism, & POTS

  • Analyzed breath data at 40 Years of Zen to create individualized breathing techniques

  • Graduated herself into more refined biofeedback equipment

Aroma Point Master

Spring 2019

  • Aroma Point Therapy combines essential oils & accupressure points

  • Her first experience began with a suggested combination with her meditation practice, which was explosive

  • The therapy bolstered & opened clients in various consciousness states while going through the Zen program

  • Currently utilizes intuitive spinal techniques to access ancestral connections for clients

Current Endeavors 


Since 2014

After beginning meditation as part of her collegiate studies, it became a key holder in living with & overcoming her severe autoimmune pain. In 2018 & 2019, she entered her most intensive study of meditation, which included the study of spiritual yoga, Joe Dispensa, Qi Gong, and Vishen Lakiani's manifestation meditations regularly. She currently practices Qi Gong, mind quieting, and personal prayer.

Individualized Neuromodulation Trainer

Consciousness Neurohacking - Training Advisor

Holly has a rare speciality in working with individuals. She always goes above and beyond to curate the instruments and the song a client needs to thrive in their neurotraining. Being a backbone for people who train in spirituality, peak performance, and superconscious states means knowing what will elevate them past their current threshold, while also having complete faith in their untapped possibilities. Holly will always be accumulating as much knowledge and resources as she can for the betterment of clients and humanity. This is because the depth of faith and care she has is unshakable.

Neuro Enlightenment

Consulting - Tech Training - Spirituality - Individualized Training

This company, based in the Sacred Valley in Peru, is merging with retreat centers and spiritual seekers to collect data on spiritual states to see how the brain is affected by impactful shifts in consciousness. They are also working toward providing neurointegration for those going through retreat programs.

This year Holly has worked remotely and in Peru to help NeuroEnlightenment gain proper equipment and expertise.

While in Peru, she trained their neuro technicians and practitioners, helped them in marketing & website development, as well as created business strategies to gracefully merge with retreat centers in Peru & Costa Rica.

Brightheart Tarot

Tarot Card Readings - Diviner - Intuitive Study - Deck Creation

Card reading is has been an intuitive compass for Holly's way in life for the past 7 years. She finds much enjoyment in the art of stretching her clairvoyant capacities, as well as delving into the deep symbology humans create and interpret through art, spirituality, and the unconscious. Through her study and understanding, she is now creating a deck of her own. She reads professionally under the name Holly Brightheart. ​

Our Dreams That Are Promises

Poetry Book - Inner Child - Personal Promise

A book of collective poems Holly recently published. The reader is taken on a chronological path of several hundred poems written when Holly was a young girl. It is one of her greatest lessons - that some dreams are forever timeless.

Complete CV 

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