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Every client's brain is a unique fingerprint. It is never the same. It is more intricate than we can comprehend in totality. Most importantly, it is truly a learning organ. The brain loves neurofeedback because it gets to do what it does best - figuring out new ways to live and learn more efficiently. NeuroOptimization takes your NeuroAnalysis to a new level by opening a path where you can train with neurofeedback and various biohacking modalities to reach beyond what you have felt you were capable, and probably deeper within yourself than you have dared to ever go before. 


Most people who do neurofeedback are struggling and want to be able to live their daily life. This being said, the majority of neurofeedback clinicians help train away client's deficiencies, because the culture of therapeutic practices is usually based on a diagnostic, symptom/cure mindset. Over and over, in both clinical therapy and peak performance neurofeedback settings, I have seen many clients succeed in overcoming their troubles, and even do more than they ever thought possible. This program is not for clients struggling with mental health, severe disorders, debilitating trauma, etc. (If you do struggle with this and are looking for resources, I would love to connect you to the right person!) Everything I have learned while working with these conditions gave me a foundation of stabilization, care, and ethics, which can be one of the most important tools to have while working in peak performance and awakening consciousness states. 

Forwardly speaking, I intend to push clients past their boundaries. Through many years of experience, I have found people have much more potential than we have been told is possible. It is a scale that has no ceiling - no limit. It is in the realm of potentiality we will work in. The realm of people who are ready to extend themselves past their current thresholds. Hopefully on a greater level, those who want to expand themselves for the good of humanity.


To do individualized training, clients will be required to have a consult with me before anything else. This will determine where you are at, what your goals are, how we want to train, why you have decided to do this work, etc. Then we will begin by doing a qEEG and after analysis we will go over your Brain Map. 

Your NeuroOptimization experience will be curated in a way that suits where you are at logistically and how you wish to evolve personally, as well as strategies that pave an awakening process. The beauty of working so personally together is that we can make an experience suited to your schedule and more integrated into your life. Working together with you also potentiates the essential cultivation of a collective mentality that is a huge part of awakened states of consciousness. In this program, clients are taken above and beyond. They are pushed to their limits so they have the possibility to access their true, profound potential. They are taken to new dimensions through the entrainment of meditative and altered states of consciousness, through integrative coaching, state-of-the-art 19-Channel LORETA neurofeedback training, and more. This experience holds a plethora of opportunity. Our mindset is founded on integration, so if you wish to take this experience further, consider a group event, a collaboration with other soul growth masters, or even pre/post integration with at-home neurotechnology.


I look forward to working with you. Please contact me with any questions you have.

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